Oregon Conference Presidential Search

Committee Seeks Names for New President

The Oregon Conference By-laws specify the use of a nominating committee to work along with the Executive Committee in the election of a new conference president. We are requesting the elected nominating committee from the last Oregon Conference session to meet with the Oregon Conference Executive Committee on Thursday, December 8, 2016. A list of the members of each committee is listed below.

The NPUC administrative team will be collecting the qualities members are looking for in a new president and the names of qualified leaders that you share with us on the website. We will inquire of each person if they would like to be considered for the position, and if they do, to provide us with a resume. We will then reference each person.

A qualified person who desires to be considered for the president position will be shared with the nominating and executive committees. On December 8 the nominating and executive committees will pray over, review and have an open discussion of each name presented. Then, after a season of prayer, we will have an election process. By God’s grace, we will have a new president ready and prepared to serve the people of the Oregon Conference on December 8, 2016.

Committee Members

Executive Committee

  • Dave Allen
  • Gretchen Bowers
  • Brent Brusett
  • Dale Bryson
  • Leslie Cairnsnonvoting
  • Ann Campbell
  • Gale Crosby
  • David Freedman
  • George Gainer
  • Glen Gesselenonvoting
  • Tim Holven
  • Corleen Johnson
  • Barbara McDougal
  • Joyce Newmyer
  • Todd Pascoe
  • Al Reimche
  • Kevin Rhamie
  • Nenette Sequeira
  • Oswaldo Villalobos
  • Bob Westcott
  • Kathy Westermeyer
  • Dwight Winslow
  • Larry Witzel
  • Phyllis Woods

Additional Nominating Committee Members

  • David W. Allen
  • Connie Allred
  • Bernie Martin Beck
  • Benjamin Barcenas
  • Roger Beltran
  • Jerry Bowers
  • Enrique Carrasco
  • Abigail Cuellar
  • Brenda Dobson
  • Flora Flint
  • Jose Galvez
  • Larry Gibson
  • Richard Hervig
  • Ted Mackett
  • Drechelle McCray
  • Stephen Moor
  • Luminita Rosu
  • Larry Smedley
  • Durance Williams
  • Duane Wilson
  • Keith Zaugg