Washington Conference Presidential Search

Washington Executive Committee Seeks Names for New President

The Washington Conference By-Laws specify the use of the Executive Committee in the election of a new conference president. We are scheduling the president election as part of the already scheduled Executive Committee which will meet on Tuesday, December 13, 2016. A list of the members of the Washington Conference Executive Committee is provided below.

The NPUC administrative team will be collecting the qualities members are looking for in a new president and the names of qualified leaders that you share with us on the website. We will inquire of each person if they would like to be considered for the position, and if they do, to provide us with a resume. We will then reference each person.

A qualified person who desires to be considered for the president position will be shared with the executive committee. On December 13 the executive committee will pray over, review and have an open discussion of each name presented. Then, after a season of prayer, we will have a selection process that will pare down the large list to a short list of two to three names. By God’s grace, we will have a new president ready and prepared to serve the people of the Washington Conference on December 13, 2016. However, depending on how much time the process takes, including the need to conduct the regular business of the Committee, we may need to wait until the January 31, 2017, regularly scheduled Executive Committee to finish the process. We will update the Washington Conference constituency after the December 13, 2016, Executive Committee meeting.

Committee Members

Executive Committee

  • Doug Bing
  • Zenova Betita
  • Kami Borg
  • Wagner Cilio
  • Jill Clay
  • Jonathan Fetrick
  • Archie Harris
  • Alice Kirkman
  • Gayle Lasher
  • EuGene Lewis
  • Mileen Loeffler
  • Kathy Morgan
  • Vitali Oliinik
  • Kelli Robinson
  • Carlos Rodriguez
  • Jerry Russell
  • Dick Seidel
  • John Solue
  • Scott Tyman
  • Jack Woosley