NPUC Association Revolving Fund Forms

The North Pacific Union Conference Association Revolving Fund lends money to Adventist churches, schools and other denominational institutions located in the NPUC territory (Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington). Borrowers obtain approval to apply for a loan through the treasurer of their respective conferences. The proceeds of a loan are available for construction, acquisition, renovation and other capital improvements.

Funds are made available for NPUCA Revolving Fund loans through member account certificates. Adventist churches, members or organizations resident in the states of Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon or Washington may invest in this Revolving Fund. Potential investors should carefully review the Offering Circular prior to making any investment decision.

To fill out a form, click on the desired link and print the form. Completed forms may be sent to NPUC Association, 5709 N. 20th St., Ridgefield, WA 98642, or faxed (Attn: Revolving Fund) to 360-857-7001. Additional information is available M-Th during regular business hours from the NPUC association office at 360-857-7020.

Current Forms Listed Below

Address Change
Use this to notify the NPUC Association of any address changes to ensure you receive your statements and tax forms.

Beneficiary Change
Use this to change the beneficiary designation on your account.

Direct Deposit Authorization
Use this to provide authorization to the NPUC association to initiate credit or debit entries at your selected financial institution.

Loan Application for Churches
Complete and supply all required information and documentation.

Loan Application for Schools and Other Institutions
Complete and supply all required information and documentation.

Privacy Policy
A statement of the NPUC association Revolving Fund privacy policy.

Subscription Form
Complete this form to make changes to the owner/co-owner of your account.

Trustee Account Authorization
Use this to authorize legal trustees of the Revolving Fund account for deposit and withdrawal rights.

Withdrawal Request
Use this to request a withdrawal from your account(s).

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