Vision 2020


The Challenge

Years of diminished soul-winning results have caused some to think that little or no church growth is here to stay. Yet our mission is clear: To share the distinctive, Christ-centered, Seventh-day Adventist message of hope and wholeness with our Pacific Northwest communities. The Holy Spirit is calling us to a renewed commitment to that mission and to a new emphasis on evangelism.

The Plan

VISION 2020 is a 15-month, five-quarter initiative beginning in January 2019, which culminates in a union-wide series of meetings starting March 6, 2020. This process will lead our churches and members through spiritual renewal, mission commitment, community connections, member reclamation and evangelistic outreach. It is a collaborative effort with Voice of Prophecy to offer new resources for the revival of the Spirit’s mission through our Northwest churches.

The Process

The five stages of VISION 2020 are designed from thoughtful experience to help each church establish a strong foundation for new-member growth. This process encourages each member to renew their personal and corporate connection with Jesus and His mission. It prepares current members to connect with people in their community as well as former members who have drifted away. These steps are designed to help each church and each member conduct public seminars that will bring new members into fellowship with this prophetic movement.

Renew…Begins 1st Quarter 2019

Vision 2020 Process. Renew. Refocus. Relate. Reclaim. Reach.
  • Each member engaging with personal spiritual renewal through Bible study, prayer and sharing.
    • Sharing devotional resources with members
    • Launching Bible study small groups
    • Initiating spiritual gift discovery seminars
    • Elevating prayer in personal and church life
    • Joining in prayer conferences
    • Participating with a union-wide prayer network calling all
    • to pray for God’s power

Refocus…Begins 2nd Quarter 2019

  • Each church discovering and prayerfully aligning with their biblical mission.
    • Joining online events to help local leadership teams discover
    • and practice methods of mission alignment
    • Sharing articles/messages about spiritual health and renewal
    • Encouraging church partnerships toward greater health
    • Providing resources for pastors/church leaders who want to revitalize their churches

Relate…Begins 3rd Quarter 2019

  • Each member and each church learning to apply Jesus’ methods of relating to people in their communities.
    • Resourcing churches with ideas for building outreach activities such as seminars on family, marriage, grief recovery, weight loss, nutrition, singles, etc., and affinity groups, service opportunities, concerts or outreach
    • Challenging every member to become involved in mission (TMI)
    • Developing Interest Coordinators in every church

Reclaim…Begins 4th Quarter 2019

  • Each church intentionally reaching out to missing members to reconnect them to the church family.
    • Leveraging the holidays to reach out to inactive members
    • Designating a union-wide Home Coming Sabbath
    • Resourcing churches to connect with and reach missing members

Reach…Begins 1st Quarter 2020

  • Churches across the North Pacific Union conducting Discovering Revelation 2020 seminars.
    • Coordinating with the union-wide evangelistic campaign starting March 6, 2020
    • Providing coordinated advertising with handbills, billboards, radio/television and other media spots
    • Partnering with Voice of Prophecy to use a brand new customizable sermon series

The Cost

The NPUC is covering most of the cost for this collaborative offer of resources through the Voice of Prophecy. This means a one-year license for these resources will be available for only $300 per church.

The Resources Included

In partnership with Voice of Prophecy, every church will be able to access the following resources…

  • All-New Discover Bible School…
    • Newly-designed Bible lessons
    • Bible study tracking software
    • Customizable Bible study lessons
  • Evangelism Tools…
    • Discovering Revelation, 23 customizable sermons
    • Children’s Bible studies
    • Children’s evangelistic program
    • Discovery Mountain Vacation Bible School kit
    • Evangelistic meeting tracking software
    • Campaign coaching calls
    • Access to seasoned evangelism hotline
    • Professionallly-designed handbills, invitations, post-
    • cards etc.

Additional Options…

Any church that is interested can add additional resources for $300 per tier. These could include:

  • Education…
    • A suite of current training and teaching resourc- es, including ShopTalk, Tool Tips, recorded and live training semi- nars and cost sharing options for in-person local church training.
  • Community…
    • A full package to reach your community with- Discover Seminars such as Shadow Empire, A Pale Horse Rides, The Appearing and all new events for the coming years, a new health series called DiscoverLife and friendship evangelism events.

For More Information

For information, contact the NPUC Secretariat office by email or call 360.857.7013.

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