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Stories From Camp


Mist rising off the water catches the first rays of the light from the morning sun. Birds call and laughter echoes across the lake. These are the sounds of summer, the sounds of camp.  Every summer more people are touched by camp ministries than by any other outreach effort the Adventist Church has in the [...]

Stories From Camp2021-03-30T11:41:23-07:00

Bible Readings for April 2021


Follow the daily list and in one year you will have read the entire Bible. April 1: Deuteronomy 18:1–20:20, Luke 9:28–50, Psalm 73:1–28, Proverbs 12:10 April 2: Deuteronomy 21:1–22:30, Luke 9:51–10:12, Psalm 74:1–23, Proverbs 12:11 April 3: Deuteronomy 23:1–25:19, Luke 10:13–37, Psalm 75:1–10, Proverbs 12:12–14 April 4: Deuteronomy 26:1–27:26, Luke 10:38–11:13, Psalm 76:1–12, Proverbs 12:15–17

Bible Readings for April 20212021-03-29T21:24:18-07:00

The Scarlet Cord


“Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow.” — Is. 1:18 Let’s be real. There are some strange stories in the Bible. These stories aren’t there for us to repeat. They are there for us to examine, think critically about and learn from.

The Scarlet Cord2021-03-28T11:25:02-07:00

Food for Thought


Have you ever wondered why you like certain foods or dislike others? Certainly it is due to our taste buds and how our mind interprets the food we eat. But it is just as determined by our upbringing — what our family ate or didn’t eat. Some families eat potato chips on hot dogs, some [...]

Food for Thought2021-03-16T08:20:01-07:00

FoundationONE Acquires Two New Named Scholarships!


In addition to its general scholarship program, FoundationONE is blessed to have several named scholarship funds. These funds are established in honor of, or in memory of, an individual, group or organization. Recently, two donors stepped forward to create new named scholarships.

FoundationONE Acquires Two New Named Scholarships!2021-03-15T09:55:54-07:00

Norton Accepts Call as Montana President


The Montana Conference board of directors has invited Ken Norton to serve as the next conference president. This comes after the departure of Elden Ramirez to the North American Division. After prayerful consideration, Norton has accepted and hopes to begin his duties in May 2021. Norton and his wife, Julie, are moving from Guam, where [...]

Norton Accepts Call as Montana President2021-03-11T13:47:13-08:00

Anywhere, Anytime, Anyone


Students at Palisades Christian Academy in Spokane, Washington, felt the blessings of this year's Associated Student Body Spiritual Retreat. Due to pandemic restrictions, the retreat was held on campus rather than following tradition and holding it at Camp MiVoden.

Anywhere, Anytime, Anyone2021-03-10T10:51:33-08:00

Montana Conference Holds Lab-Style Teacher In-Service


Elementary educators in the Montana Conference had an opportunity to come together for unique in-service training. These teachers gathered at the gymnasium of Mount Ellis Academy in Bozeman in order to provide adequate social distancing as well as enough space for the training. Al Reimche, Montana Conference interim president, provided an encouraging greeting to the [...]

Montana Conference Holds Lab-Style Teacher In-Service2021-03-06T09:12:10-08:00

Help Is on the Way


Nestled in the heart of the Olympic Peninsula’s rugged coastline lies a community so remote the U.S. Postal Service hasn’t delivered mail here since 1934.  Despite its secluded location, Queets, Washington, is home to roughly 300 Native Americans who are members of the Quinault Indian Nation. Every Sabbath, a lone Native elder, Conrad Williams, makes [...]

Help Is on the Way2021-03-04T10:43:13-08:00
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