Fairbanks Students Enjoy Outdoor Fun


Cindy Dasher, Golden Heart Christian School principal, welcomed 16 students to in-person learning on Aug. 17, 2020. The Fairbanks school has students ranging between first and seventh grade, half of whom are new to the school. Many families from the community searched out new educational opportunities, toured the campus and met the staff. Dasher was [...]

Fairbanks Students Enjoy Outdoor Fun2020-10-21T19:50:19-08:00

Upper Columbia Academy Reopens in Person


More than 250 students arrived at the Upper Columbia Academy campus on Aug. 23, 2020, to register and begin the new school year. Many new students decided to enroll at UCA primarily because it was able to offer in-person classes. Some new students were unfamiliar with certain religious aspects of the Adventist faith but chose [...]

Upper Columbia Academy Reopens in Person2020-10-21T12:29:12-08:00

NAD President Shares Appreciation for Pastors


While October is Pastor's Appreciation Month, every month should be Pastor's Appreciation Month. North American Division president Alex Bryant shares his appreciation for the more than 4,000 Seventh-day Adventist pastors in the North American Division. Thank you!

NAD President Shares Appreciation for Pastors2020-10-21T10:22:09-08:00

King Appointed President of Adventist Health Portland


Adventist Health is pleased to announce that Kyle King, current operations and network development executive, has accepted the role of president for Adventist Health Portland. King has proven to be an exceptional leader at Adventist Health Portland and has earned the respect and trust of both his Adventist Health colleagues as well as his colleagues [...]

King Appointed President of Adventist Health Portland2020-10-20T10:31:20-08:00

Idaho Women Enjoy COVID-Conscious Retreat


“We need to do this.” That’s what the Idaho Conference women’s ministries team decided when planning the 2020 Women's Retreat at Camp Ida-Haven in McCall. After six months of semi-quarantine and not-quite-the-same church activities, the conference ladies were restless. But how do you plan in the midst of such tentative circumstances?

Idaho Women Enjoy COVID-Conscious Retreat2020-10-20T10:25:58-08:00

PAES Embraces Distance Learning


Like many of the schools in the Oregon Conference Adventist education system, Portland Adventist Elementary School began the year via distance learning due to state requirements. PAES, located in Gresham, Oregon, has worked diligently and creatively to prepare a program that will engage students in all grade levels and accommodate parent needs as well. 

PAES Embraces Distance Learning2020-10-20T08:25:41-08:00

PAA Fosters Connection Through Homeroom Families


Grappling with a pandemic and distance learning is hard. Add wildfires and home evacuations, and students undoubtedly carry the weight of loss into their virtual classrooms. Portland Adventist Academy teachers cannot singlehandedly stop the drama of 2020, but efforts to provide connection and normalcy during times of loss are at the center of their work [...]

PAA Fosters Connection Through Homeroom Families2020-10-19T14:29:40-08:00

Auburn Collaborates for Healing Change


Auburn Adventist Academy in Auburn, Washington, faced the reality of needed racial reconciliation this summer after some staff members made a public statement denouncing racism, bigotry and hatred. The statement resulted in two responses: those who expressed appreciation and those who challenged the statement’s sincerity after personal racist encounters.

Auburn Collaborates for Healing Change2020-10-19T13:44:02-08:00

Evacuees Find Shelter in Hope Valley


When fires raged across Oregon in September, tens of thousands of people began to evacuate their homes. But where do fleeing families go to escape the flames?  As the Riverside Fire was accelerating toward towns southeast of Portland, Laura Pascoe received a call from Clackamas County officials, asking, “Could the Oregon Conference open the Gladstone [...]

Evacuees Find Shelter in Hope Valley2020-10-18T16:04:12-08:00

Alaska Ordains Neufeldt


Ionatana "Tana" Neufeldt was ordained into the gospel ministry in an outdoor drive-in ceremony Sept. 19, 2020. Alaska Conference leadership conducted the ceremony with John Freedman, North Pacific Union Conference president, giving the charge. Neufeldt first heard about the Adventist message when his sister invited him to an evangelistic meeting. Impressed that the message was [...]

Alaska Ordains Neufeldt2020-10-18T16:03:52-08:00
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