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Maui Fire Response Situation Report


As the fire recovery efforts in Maui continue, Hawaii Conference — within Pacific Union Conference — continues to provide community aid while forming long-term plans. In the first few weeks after the devastating fires, Adventist volunteers led by Mark Tamaleaa, Hawaii Conference Adventist Community Services director, provided shelter, food and emotional-spiritual support for more than [...]

Maui Fire Response Situation Report2023-09-07T10:36:00-07:00

Prayers of Praise Mark August Executive Committee


North Pacific Union executive committee convened via Zoom on August 16, 2023, for a time of ministry reports and prayers of praise. The praises began with reflections on the recent “Something Better” educators’ convention presented by the North American Division in Phoenix, Arizona, for 5,500 educators and guests. Carlton Byrd, Southwest Region Conference president, opened [...]

Prayers of Praise Mark August Executive Committee2023-08-31T09:00:00-07:00

The Gem of Maui


Cindy and I began our ministry in my hometown of Los Angeles, California. Specifically, I was assigned as a young post-seminary pastor to be an associate at Lynwood Church. One of its dear members owned a vacation home in Princeville on the Island of Kauai and kindly offered us its use should we want to visit [...]

The Gem of Maui2023-08-30T15:30:00-07:00

Jesus Time: A Favorite Time of Day


Family worship is a favorite time of day in our house. It’s our special time when we read Bible stories, memorize scripture and share our prayers with Jesus. If you’re already having regular worship with your family — great! If you’re just getting started with Jesus time, you’ll want to agree about a good time [...]

Jesus Time: A Favorite Time of Day2023-08-30T14:00:00-07:00

Reenergizing Evangelism Growth: Finding a Roadmap for Growing Small Conferences


The Pacific Northwest has a unique ministry partnership between large and small conferences. The large conferences — Oregon, Upper Columbia and Washington — each give a half percent of their annual tithe to help Idaho, Montana and Alaska Conferences. The concept of “larger helping smaller” is present throughout the entire church organizational structure. For example, [...]

Reenergizing Evangelism Growth: Finding a Roadmap for Growing Small Conferences2023-08-30T10:00:00-07:00

Bible Readings for September 2023


Follow the daily reading plan and you will read the entire Bible in a year. September 1: Ezekiel 16–17 September 3: Ezekiel 18–19 September 4: Ezekiel 20–21 September 5: Ezekiel 22–23 September 6: Ezekiel 24–27 September 7: Ezekiel 28–31 September 8: Ezekiel 32–37 September 10: Ezekiel 38–39 September 11: Ezekiel 40–41 September 12: Ezekiel 42–43 [...]

Bible Readings for September 20232023-08-30T08:00:00-07:00

Getting Involved and Experiencing Changed Lives


Ezra and Tre were struggling with the idea of commitment — not because they disagreed with what they had learned during the Parma Adventist Church evangelistic series — actually it was the opposite. Revelation 2.0 afforded the Ezra and Tre the opportunity to sit and dig for answers to their questions. They were very excited [...]

Getting Involved and Experiencing Changed Lives2023-08-29T15:30:00-07:00

Build Eternal Friendships


Aren’t we always searching for new and improved evangelistic methods? How can we really make a positive impact on the world around us as Adventists? How can we effectively fulfill the gospel commission in our generation? These questions perplex us as church leaders. We plan, meet and strategize. We alternate between conflicting approaches. Jesus gives [...]

Build Eternal Friendships2023-08-29T15:30:00-07:00

Engaged in Evangelism


Acting on its belief in traditional evangelism, in 2022, Cloverdale Adventist Church held a traditional evangelism event with a speaker from Washington Conference. Though the experience was positive overall, toward the end of the meetings they struggled to find volunteers to fill all the necessary positions. This year, the church was excited to partner in evangelism with [...]

Engaged in Evangelism2023-08-29T15:30:00-07:00

Forks Adventist Church Opens Safe Park for Families


Two years ago, Forks Church members pondered how they could use their five acres of pristine property to bless their community. After much prayer and discussion, they settled on setting aside two acres for the establishment of Creation Park. On July 4, 2023, church members walked with a large banner in the local Fourth of [...]

Forks Adventist Church Opens Safe Park for Families2023-08-27T08:00:00-07:00
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