Since the late 90’s the Information Technology department has offered consulting, engineering, and hardware/software deployment, maintenance and support services not only for our office but also local conference offices and their respective youth camps in the Northwest. Today there is a WAN (wide area network) connecting much of the Northwest Adventist organizations that helps leverage technology investments.

Important Things to Consider

  • Sounding board for new plans and initiatives.
  • Oversee new technology projects in telephony, video calls/conferencing solutions – including conference room transformations, network, hardware and software.
  • Deploy, maintain and support office technologies.
  • Provide/recommend training for key technologies.

How We Can Help Your Office

  • Our department doesn’t make money by selling technology goods or services and we strive for an objective, current wave technological perspective.
  • While there are many great technologies it’s important not to be too earlier an adopter or seesaw from one technology to another – doing so usually increases costs, decreases productivity and causes additional employee stress.
  • Digital transformation will never happen if we only do things the same old ways. Don’t apply only a faster typewriter perspective to technological plans; doing so will only achieve marginal productivity gains.
  • We all win when we work together; it saves money, increases employee knowledge sharing and multiplies productivity.
  • Our department is not looking for or wanting to “control” any organizations technological investments – but we do recommend aiming for industry best practices and following cybersecurity principles and laws.
  • Administration staff come and go – we are well suited to be the secure holder of key technology master accounts. Again, we are not looking for or wanting control – we have your offices interest at heart to maintain proper separations of high-risk areas.

How We Can Help Your Church/School

  • Telephony – We negotiated great pricing on Comcast telephone service – if your church or school is considering changes in your phone system/service contact our department for more information.
  • Microsoft Office 365 for your church – have questions, contact our department.
  • Microsoft Office 365 for Education – if you’re a small school (without employed IT staff) and looking to improve your school’s technology situation contact our department for more information.

Ministry Team

LOREN BORDEAUXInformation Technology Director
DANIEL CATESInformation Technology Associate Director
TAMI EDWARDSInformation Technology Support Specialist