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Sharing His Word ‘Bit’ by ‘Bit’


Planning a school program is challenging enough without having to worry about social distancing, mask wearing, sanitizing and surviving a pandemic. Like it or not however, COVID-19 was here. As it was and is our aim to prevent its spread, Alaska's Dillingham Adventist School saw the need to find alternate ways of sharing with family [...]

Sharing His Word ‘Bit’ by ‘Bit’2021-04-10T09:49:01-07:00

Souper Service Feeds Bonney Lake


If restaurants can have curbside food pickup, why can’t the church do something similar? In a defining moment, the youth and young adults of Bonney Lake Church answered that question and found a ministry outlet: a drive-through soup kitchen. The young people had been studying the story of the Good Samaritan and were brainstorming ways they [...]

Souper Service Feeds Bonney Lake2021-04-09T17:47:04-07:00

5 Tips for Healthy Kids in 2021


A lot of us have been able to slow down our busy Pacific Northwest lifestyles this past year due to the pandemic. It’s been a shift in our family, and it’s one I am actually quite thankful for. In this slower paced lifestyle, we’ve had time to eat at the dinner table each night, more [...]

5 Tips for Healthy Kids in 20212021-04-07T09:09:23-07:00

Albany Prophecy Seminar Brings Decisions for Christ During Pandemic


Although COVID-19 has impacted a great deal of life’s activities, Oregon's Albany Adventist Church actively planned to share Jesus Christ with the community. To enrich the lives of the church family, church leaders decide to host han in-person evangelism seminar at the beginning of 2021. Brian and Heidi McMahon were invited to share the good [...]

Albany Prophecy Seminar Brings Decisions for Christ During Pandemic2021-04-07T09:02:57-07:00

The Skinny on Church COVID-19 Risk and Responsibility


 As more churches throughout the North Pacific Union territory reopen their facilities for worship services, church leaders and local church boards are carefully assessing risk and liability. Each conference in the North Pacific Union Conference has developed reopening guidelines for the local churches within their territory. But “what if’s” linger: What if there are conflicting [...]

The Skinny on Church COVID-19 Risk and Responsibility2021-04-06T11:31:19-07:00

Gem State Joins Idaho Interscholastic Sports


The athletic program has always been strong at Gem State Adventist Academy in Caldwell, Idaho, and basketball has been a big part of that. Through the years, the Gem State Jaguars have participated in various interscholastic groups, but it has been almost 10 years since they were a member team of the state league.

Gem State Joins Idaho Interscholastic Sports2021-04-06T09:02:02-07:00

Steps to Health in Chewelah


The health ministries team at Chewelah Adventist Church was faced with a dilemma. Knowing that the health message is the “right arm of the gospel,” what could be done to reach their community during a time of Covid restrictions? Likely, in-person presentations would be poorly attended — if people would even come at all. The [...]

Steps to Health in Chewelah2021-04-05T12:28:00-07:00

The Moment It Happened


In every Jesus movie ever, the moment of crucifixion is a “thing." I can see in my memory the slow motion of the hammer, the driving of the spike, the focus on Jesus’ face. And yet, when I read the bible, it takes me by surprise. Notice with me: “Then they crucified Him, and divided [...]

The Moment It Happened2021-04-01T12:12:13-07:00

Summer Camp – Camp for Jesus


Summer camps hold great memories for many people, whether they remember all the joys and friends as a camper or recall their many adventures and experiences as a staff member. As a child and young person, I never personally saw the draw of summer camp. I didn’t like to leave home as a young child, [...]

Summer Camp – Camp for Jesus2021-04-01T11:16:40-07:00
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