Regional Development Fund

The Beginning – The Regional Development Fund began with an idea that everyone should be given an opportunity to participate concretely toward the financial support of key initiatives that lay a foundation for and a bridge to the future development of Regional Ministries within the North Pacific Union Conferences.

With this idea in mind, the Regional Development Fund was promoted at the Regional Convocation in May 2017 and a little over $700 was donated toward the Fund. Since that time other funds have continued to trickle in and at the Regional Convocation in 2018, another promotion gave a big boost to the fund.  During the Pandemic years of 2020 – 2021 there were no in-person Convocation meetings to promote and grow the fund significantly, but several faithful individuals continued to contribute to the growth of the fund.  The goal of creating an endowment was achieved in 2019 and $55,000 was invested with Western Adventist Foundation at a favorable interest rate of 5.3%.  There are several individuals who committed to being monthly contributors and have helped to grow the fund to the current balance which is a little over $63,000.

Moving Forward – The future of Regional Ministries calls for us to move beyond the status quo in order to advance God’s work. As funds that have historically been dedicated to the Regional Work continue to decline, we need to be able to develop streams of funding that will allow us to grow and provide financial freedom to move into the future. The needs of tomorrow’s Church will be different than today’s. Ready or not, change is happening all around us. Standing firm on the fundamentals of scripture, and our denominational principles, we seek enhanced means and methods. The roadmap for the positive transition from the old to the new must be developed intentionally under the leading and power of the Holy Spirit.

To keep up with the changing needs of the Regional Work, a Regional Development Fund Committee has been established with a mission to develop financial and other resources to spur the growth of new and effective ministry initiatives that lay a foundation for the advancement of God’s work now and in the future. This Committee has come up with several goals for the current year that will move us forward. Some of those goals are listed below:

  • Increase the Fund balance over the next 12 months to $100,000.
  • Set a goal of raising $10,000 during the 2022 Convocation.
  • Add 100 new monthly contributors.
  • Set aside funds for several new and innovative projects from local churches to begin implementation in 2022-2023.
  • To ensure a future for the advancement of God’s work by continuing to grow the Endowment Fund.

How Will the Goals of the Fund be Accomplished – The Good News is this. Because God is infinitely Creative, and “present truth” is progressive, the Holy Spirit has promised to direct our way forward. As Christ reminds us, “loving our neighbors” is the most effective evangelistic church growth tool available to us. “Christ’s method alone” will bring results.  As the Holy Spirit guides, the roadmap forward will carefully and intentionally, transition us, from exhausted methods of engagement to freshly energized systems and practices, with which to positively impact our local churches and communities.

What Can I Do to Help – We solicit and welcome donations to the Fund from anyone, at anytime, who wishes to contribute towards its ongoing goals. Additionally, and most ideally, we are looking for God inspired stewards, to pledge, consistent, monthly, quarterly or yearly support to the Fund. Donations of any amount, will prove beneficial. We ask that you partner with us and with God, in advancing His goals. We solicit your prayers, your counsel, and your volunteer time, in support of the variously defined project needs.

How Do I Contribute to the Fund today – The Adventist Giving App has been setup to receive donations on your churches Tithe envelope. Download the app to your computer and complete the setup instructions. Open the app and input the name of your church scroll down to the Regional Development Fund heading and fill in your donation amount. If you do not see the Regional Development Fund heading on your envelope select MORE OFFERING CATEGORIES and locate ‘Regional Development Fund’ and select this heading to move it to the face of your tithe envelope for future donations.  If you wish to contribute on a recurring basis each month select the Recurring Donation box at the top of the page and follow the instruction on the app.

Donations via cash or checks may be submitted today by use of the Offering Envelope. Credit or Debit card transactions may be made at the Convocation Registration Desk. Future contributions may be sent at any time to:

The Regional Development Fund
North Pacific Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists
5709 N. 20th Street
Ridgefield, WA  98642.

Regional Development Committee Members

  • Ron Anderson – Chair
  • Deborah Tuner – Treasurer
  • Pastor Byron Dulan
  • Pastor Horatius Gettins
  • Pastor Derek Lane
  • Jennifer Samuels

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