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29th NPUC Constituency Session

2022 NPUC Constituency Session The North Pacific Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists is hosting our 29th regular constituency session. This session will be held on Sunday, Aug. 7, 2022 after a one-year delay due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This is an open meeting and will be live-streamed. In order to ensure equal [...]

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Lay-equipping Evangelist Named in Oregon

Gerizin De Peña, evangelist and pastor, was born in Hijuey, Dominican Republic. His parents — a lay-evangelist couple who traveled preaching the Good News Gospel — had dedicated him to God as an infant to become a gospel preacher. In his earliest years, De Peña was convicted he must become a pastor and evangelist.  De Peña [...]

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Albany Church Shares Brain Optimization Seminar

February 11-12, 2022, the Albany Church in Albany, Oregon, hosted Neil Nedley, founder and medical director of the community-based and residential Nedley Depression and Anxiety Recovery Programs and the creator of the series, Optimize Your Brain. Nedley also serves as president of Weimar University, a higher education college that houses the world-famous NEWSTART program in central [...]

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Skagit Adventist Academy “Tests to Stay”

It's already the third school year during the COVID-19 pandemic. It's not been easy. In fact, it has been stressful. Despite the pressure on teachers, parents and students, Skagit Adventist Academy in Burlington, Washington, was able to offer in-person instruction since September 2020.  Teachers and staff say they are grateful the 20-21 school year ended without [...]

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Miracle on the Tundra

The phone rang late on New Year’s Eve, relaying the worst news. The Smiths* had not returned from their trip to Kotzebue. Edna and Jose, Arctic Mission workers, sprang into action. As members of the Selawik search and rescue team, they knew that they would be working against the clock. Temperatures would continue to drop [...]

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Why Mental Health Matters: Signs and Treatment of Depression

It may surprise you to learn that your mental and physical health are connected in powerful ways. How your body feels can affect how your brain feels — and vice versa. Mental health conditions — particularly depression — can increase your risk for type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke. In fact, depression is just [...]

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General Conference Special Session

The General Conference plans to stream the Special GC Session on the Adventist News Network website. Here is a link to their live events page: https://gc.adventist.org/live/ As the Special Session starts, the livestream will be available.

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Regional Development Fund

Regional Development Fund The Beginning – The Regional Development Fund began with an idea that everyone should be given an opportunity to participate concretely toward the financial support of key initiatives that lay a foundation for and a bridge to the future development of Regional Ministries within the North Pacific Union Conferences. [...]

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Staff Directory

NPUC Staff Bio Photo Bio Photo Bio Photo Bio Photo Becky Meharry appreciates the opportunity she has to support teachers and superintendents throughout the North Pacific Union Conference and help make their jobs easier. “My dream would be to [...]

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Christ-centered. Hope. Wholeness. Our mission is to reach all people within the North Pacific Union and the world with the distinctive, Christ-centered, Seventh-day Adventist message of hope and wholeness. Churches Schools Members About The North Pacific Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists serves as [...]

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Adventist Community Services

Adventist Community Services is the official community outreach ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist church in the North Pacific Union territories which comprises of Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington. ACS serves the whole person, a concept known as holistic ministry whose mission is to “serve communities in Christ’s name.” Our [...]

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Adventist Health Care in the Pacific Northwest

Congratulations to the Gleaner as they mark their 115th anniversary of sharing news and information for members of the North Pacific Union Conference! Adventist Health is grateful to be part of this ministry by providing hope and healing to the communities of the Pacific Northwest. In celebration and reflection of this shared purpose, Alex Bryan, Adventist [...]

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A Stone of Hope

“Out of the mountain of despair, a stone of hope.” — Martin Luther King, Jr. Yesterday’s jury verdict in Minneapolis brought a collective exhale of relief among my African American friends. I was on a video conference call as the verdicts were read. I literally felt the tension in the meeting ease following the jury [...]

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