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Miracle on the Tundra

The phone rang late on New Year’s Eve, relaying the worst news. The Smiths* had not returned from their trip to Kotzebue. Edna and Jose, Arctic Mission workers, sprang into action. As members of the Selawik search and rescue team, they knew that they would be working against the clock. Temperatures would continue to drop [...]

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Why Mental Health Matters: Signs and Treatment of Depression

It may surprise you to learn that your mental and physical health are connected in powerful ways. How your body feels can affect how your brain feels — and vice versa. Mental health conditions — particularly depression — can increase your risk for type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke. In fact, depression is just [...]

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Staff Directory

NPUC Staff Bio Photo Bio Photo Bio Photo Bio Photo Becky Meharry appreciates the opportunity she has to support teachers and superintendents throughout the North Pacific Union Conference and help make their jobs easier. “My dream would be to [...]

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Christ-centered. Hope. Wholeness. Our mission is to reach all people within the North Pacific Union and the world with the distinctive, Christ-centered, Seventh-day Adventist message of hope and wholeness. Important COVID-19 Information Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our Ridgefield office is closed to the public until further notice. [...]

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Adventist Community Services

Adventist Community Services is the official community outreach ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist church in the North Pacific Union territories which comprises of Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington. ACS serves the whole person, a concept known as holistic ministry whose mission is to “serve communities in Christ’s name.” Our [...]

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Adventist Health Care in the Pacific Northwest

Congratulations to the Gleaner as they mark their 115th anniversary of sharing news and information for members of the North Pacific Union Conference! Adventist Health is grateful to be part of this ministry by providing hope and healing to the communities of the Pacific Northwest. In celebration and reflection of this shared purpose, Alex Bryan, Adventist [...]

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A Stone of Hope

“Out of the mountain of despair, a stone of hope.” — Martin Luther King, Jr. Yesterday’s jury verdict in Minneapolis brought a collective exhale of relief among my African American friends. I was on a video conference call as the verdicts were read. I literally felt the tension in the meeting ease following the jury [...]

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Albany Prophecy Seminar Brings Decisions for Christ During Pandemic

Although COVID-19 has impacted a great deal of life’s activities, Oregon's Albany Adventist Church actively planned to share Jesus Christ with the community. To enrich the lives of the church family, church leaders decide to host han in-person evangelism seminar at the beginning of 2021. Brian and Heidi McMahon were invited to share the good [...]

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Seattle Fil-Am Unites in Prayerful Ministry

Churches all around the globe experienced sudden shifts in ministry last year because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the challenges the Asian/Pacific churches experienced, their pastors and members were led by the Holy Spirit to move forward with sharing the good news of Jesus with their communities and beyond. One such story comes from Greater [...]

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Success Stories of Native Ministries

During the recent North American Division Year-End Meeting, the work of the Northwest Native Ministries was promptly highlighted. Shared were the stories of Radio Ryan, a pilot and the general manager of the Alaska Adventist Radio Network, and the work being done on the video series Native New Life, a continuation to the Native New [...]

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Early Childhood Education

Resouces Teaching Strategies GOLD online Achieving Excellence – Accreditation Tools – Dr. Davenia Lea ECHERS and ITERS – Early Childhood and Infant Environment Rating Scales CLASS – use Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS) to increase learning QRIS – Quality Rating and Improvement System Developmental Rating Scale Preschool Progress Report CREATION Kids [...]

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Northwest Religious Liberty Association

The Northwest Religious Liberty Association is a non-partisan government relations and workplace mediation services program that champions religious freedom and human rights for all people and institutions of faith in the legislative, civic, judicial, academic, interfaith, evangelical and corporate workplace arenas in the states of Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington. (see NRLA.com). Professional Services: [...]

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The Ministerial department provides resources and consultation to help local conferences and churches carry the gospel commission of Matthew 24:14 to their Northwest communities. HOW WE CAN HELP: Soul Winning Global Missions Church Planting Leadership Development NPUC Adventist Leaders Newsletter/Blog Ministry Team [...]

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The Communication department takes care of Northwest-wide media relations, crisis communication consultation, and audio-visual resources. We produce the monthly Northwest church news journal Gleaner and it’s weekly Northwest Adventists e-newsletter. We maintain and provide resources for North Pacific websites. We also provide communication training or consultation upon request. How we can help: Gleaner article [...]

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Gladstone Fire Evacuation Site

In early September, the Oregon Conference came together to organize the their Gladstone Campground into into an evacuation site for those escaping the fear and devastation of an outbreak of wildfires. Watch this short video of the outreach and support. For more information on evacuation site visit: https://www.oregonadventist.org/news/gladstone-campgrounds-fire-evacuation-site

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