NPUC Board of Education


John Freedman, Chairman
NPUC President

Dennis Plubell, Secretary
NPUC VP for Education

Bill McClendon
NPUC VP for Administration

Mark Remboldt
NPUC VP for Finance

Becky Meharry
NPUC Director of Elementary Education

Keith Waters
NPUC Director of Secondary Education

Carisa Carr
NPUC Assistant Director – Early Childhood Education

John McVay
WWU President

Debbie Muthersbaugh
WWU Dean of the School of Education/Psychology

Three-Year Term – Off 6/2023

Holley Bryant
UC Elementary Principal/Rogers

Tyrell Lang
MT Conference Layperson

John Rogers
ID Conference Treasurer

Jodi Scarbrough
ID Conference Layperson

Renae Young
MT Conference Superintendent

Two-Year Term – Off 6/2022

Minner Labrador
UC Conference President

Craig Mattson
WA Conference Superintendent

Bill Shawler
OR Conference Layperson

Patty Shultz
UC Conference Layperson

One-Year Term – Off 6/2021

Tami Rowe
WA K-12 Teacher Representative

Greg Gratias
WA Conference Layperson

Nickie Linder
AK Conference Layperson

Elden Ramirez
MT Conference President

Christina Orozco-Acosta
OR Junior Academy Principal/Tualatin

Mechelle Peinado
OR Academy Principal/Portland

Terry Pottle
WA Academy Principal/Orcas

Standing Invitees (Non-Voting)

Gale Crosby
OC Conference VP for Education

Patrick Frey
ID Conference Superintendent

Brian Harris
UC Conference VP for Education

Rod Rau
AK Conference Superintendent

César De León
NPUC VP for Hispanic Ministries

Byron Dulan
NPUC VP for Regional Ministries