Breakout 1
11 a.m. Pacific time

Breakout 1A: The Joy of Teaching

Description: The beautiful combination of education and passing on the faith.

Presenter: April Burville

God has given April an absolute love for children and teaching. She has roughly 17 years of professional experience working with children of all ages, but primarily preschool, in childcare and elementary school. When she’s not at school teaching she serves at her local church teaching kindergarten.

Breakout 1B: Creatively Leading Kindergarten

Description: Kindergartners are in an age of discovery. How can we help them discover Jesus in the unique ways God wants to reach them?

Presenter: Jerremy Foss

Jerremy Foss, children and youth pastor for Walla Walla University Church, is married to Ely and has five children. Jerremy has a passion for helping children form a personal relationship with Jesus!

Breakout 1C: Engaging Kids in your Primary Sabbath School

Description: Make sure that all your kids are included in learning the lesson by following the GraceLink curriculum.

Presenter: Brad Forbes

Brad is a member of the College View Church in Lincoln, Nebraska, where he has served as an elder responsible for children’s ministries and primary Sabbath School for 15 years.

Breakout 1D (Spanish Track): Caracterizando para Inspirar a la Generación Z

Description: Las diferencias entre una generación y otra hace preciso el conocerlas para evangelizarla

Presenter: Víctoria M.T. Balabarc

Tiene dos licenciaturas en educación, es magister en psicología educativa y tiene el grado académico de Doctora en Educación con mención en currículo y docencia.

Breakout 1E: Tools to Teach Juniors and Early Teens about Jesus

Description: Helping teachers and leaders find ways to connect kids with Jesus in an increasingly chaotic world.

Presenter: Rich Aguilera

Rich Aguilera, also known as the “Mud Guy,” has been writing for Guide magazine for over 12 years.  He’s also authored several books including Firewalkers and Passport to Adventure and has produced popular television programs such as Kids Time, Bible Treasures and The Creation Case. Rich lives in Michigan with his wife and two sons.

Breakout 2
11:45 a.m. Pacific time

Breakout 2A: Creating Awesome Children’s Church

Description: Basic elements of creating a children’s church from scratch.

Presenter: Wendy Witas

Wendy Witas, family and children’s pastor at Sunnyside Adventist Church, is passionate about revealing the loving character of Jesus through relationships fostered by creative children’s programs like children’s church. She loves sharing through music, puppets, archaeological artifacts, videos and more.

Breakout 2B: Children, Nature and Technology

Description: Discover the amazing benefits of spending time with God in nature and learn ways to engage children whose interests and focus are on technology.

Presenter: Gloria Beerman

Gloria Beerman, Oregon Conference children’s ministries assistant director, has enjoyed working with many dedicated leaders in both Adventurer and children’s ministries programs. Sharing the love of Jesus with children and spending time in God’s amazing creation are the things she finds most fulfilling.

Breakout 2C: Teaching Children to Pray

Description: Come learn about the nature of prayer, its importance in our child’s life, and creative ways to engage them in prayer and worship.

Presenter: Francini Reis

With an extensive background in education, Francini Reis enjoys developing curriculum and is active in children’s ministries at her local church, leading programs and activities that enhance the learning of God’s word through hands-on learning experiences. Her passion is to spend time with her family and inspire others to develop a strong faith in Jesus Christ.

Breakout 2D (Spanish Track): Multiplicando oraciones en las nuevas generaciones

Description: Ideas, recursos y testimonios de cómo ayudar a los chiquillos a pasar más tiempo en oración.

Presenter: Carla Ortega de Cancino

Ella es Ecuatoriana de profesión ingeniera civil agroindustrial. Casada hace 18 años con el pastor Chileno Juan Cancino tiene dos hijitos, Juliana de 14 y Juan Martin de 11 años. Ha tenido un ministerio muy dinámico entre Ecuador y Chile, sirviendo como directora del ministerio de damas, ministerio de la familia y ministerio de Niños y adolescentes.

Breakout 3
2:20 p.m. Pacific time

Breakout 3A: Children’s Spiritual Gifts

Description: God uses the smallest to His advantage for His kingdom. We will be able to identify cues that will help you guide your children to fulfill their gifts.

Presenter: Rocio Rojas-McFadin

Rocio Rojas-McFadin currently lives in Fort Worth, Texas, with her husband, and together they have three adult daughters. Rocio has been a children’s ministries presenter for 18 years and currently 16 happy years with the North American Division. She loves to lesson plan and write material that will engage children in learning.

Breakout 3B: Raising Children to Trust God

Description: Sharing from the heart, we will dive into how love wins when we put God first in our marriage and family.

Presenter: David & Alisa Lopez

Alisa is a registered nurse and contract teaches at Walla Walla Community College. David, executive director of Walla Walla University’s Center for Humanitarian Engagement, is always looking for ways of involving his family in service.  As a family they enjoy summer camping and winter skiing in the Blue Mountains.

Breakout 3C: Diapers, Training Wheels & Artificial Intelligence

Description: Never before has there been such an opportunity to help a whole generation have an impact on their world!  Learn more about this emerging generation and how to connect them to Jesus!

Presenter: Sherri Uhrig

Sherri’s passion is that all our children have the opportunity to say yes to Jesus! She has worked in various areas of children’s ministries for more than 30 years. Sherri and her husband Bob have two children and eight grandchildren.

Breakout 3D (Spanish Track): Enseñando obediencia

Description: Un niño obediente no es aquel que nunca hace algo malo. La obediencia debe ser alegre y voluntaria de lo contrario tiene poco valor Filipenses 2:14

Presenter: Ariadne Cuevas

Es de la Cd de México, es maestra de educación primaria, psicóloga educativa y licenciada en lengua y literatura. Actualmente Dios le permite dirigir los departamentos de ministerio infantil y adolescente y también ministerio de la mujer en la Union Mexicana Central. A ella le encanta la lectura y adora trabajar con niños y adolescentes.

Breakout 4
3:05 p.m. Pacific time

Breakout 4A: Supporting Kids and Families Through a Pandemic

Description: A presentation providing an overview of struggles, strengths and creative ways to support children and families throughout a pandemic. Discussion of warning signs, protective measures and creative ways to seek connection in a time of isolation, fear and unknown.

Presenter: Dustin R. Young

Dustin Young is a Tillamook Adventist Church elder with a passion for children’s ministries and has been instrumental in helping the children at her church stay connected during the pandemic.

Breakout 4B: VBS on Steroids

Description: You’ve planned for months, decorated to the hilt, engaged exceptional volunteers and now concluded a well-attended Vacation Bible School. What if you could reap twice the benefits with very little extra work?

Presenter: Andrew & Suzette McCrary

Suzette and Andrew have enjoyed team ministry together for nearly 30 years.  One of their biggest joys has been engaging young people, and children’s ministry is one of Suzette’s passions. When not planning a kids’ program, you might find them working on a puzzle or trail riding in the woods.

Breakout 4C: Guiding Kids to Jesus in the Digital Age

Description: Jesus is calling you to turn youngsters’ hearts to Him among the incredible opportunities and challenges of families digitally immersed in school, work, social life and even worship! Learn practical guidelines that protect and provide for digitally healthy Kingdom citizens.

Presenter: Chrystal Flerchinger

Chrystal Flerchinger’s heart for families and children is undeniable! As a recipient of a forever friendship with Jesus, introduced by her own childhood mentors, she feels blessed to carry Jesus’ calling into the next generation. Chrystal serves in many forms of children’s ministries for 23 years as a pastoral spouse in Oklahoma and Washington state.

Breakout 4D (Spanish Track): Salvavidas Emocionales

Description: Nuestros niños y su ansiedad durante COVID-19. Como usted puede brindar apoyo a los niños y sus padres.

Presenter: David Salzar

David Salazar es el Director de Jóvenes de la Asociación de Washington. Su pasión es el evangelismo en jóvenes y conocer nuevos lugares.